5 Winter Date Ideas in Minneapolis/St. Paul

With it being Winter in Minnesota, it can be difficult to come up with captivating date ideas that aren’t just “dinner and a movie”.

My husband was, and still is, great at coming up with interesting date ideas. It was always about fun and learning while we were dating, which has continued now that we are married. Anyway, here are some ideas for Winter Dates in Minneapolis/St. Paul:

  1. Museum and dinner. As sort of a twist on dinner and a movie, we are big fans of visiting the Science Museum, followed by dinner or dessert nearby. As members, it is incredibly affordable to visit frequently and we can easily fit in an Omnitheater movie. There are several great restaurants nearby in downtown Saint Paul, but Cossetta’s is literally blocks away, has reliable food, and keeps the vibe casual.
  2.  Ice skating! It is fun, active, and really puts you in the mood to embrace Winter. We now have a “skate and shake” date every January, which starts with Ice Skating and is followed by a malted milkshake (my favorite milkshake place is the Nicollet Diner, which is conveniently located near an indoor skating rink).

    Ok, so this is actually a rink in Cologne, but there are several lovely options in the Minneapolis area (of which I don’t have photos).
  3. Light tour! This is great before or after Christmas and can be done via car, or on foot. I would highly recommend going to an area like Summit Avenue, where the houses have beautiful decorations. Beforehand or afterwards, hot chocolate is a special warming addition.

    Beautiful tree on Summit Avenue!
  4. Decorating cookies. Whether for Christmas, New Year’s, or Valentine’s Day, this is a fun and simple date idea that allows for good snacking and snuggling. Cutout cookies are festive, delicious, and help let out inner creativity. Ideal if you want to cuddle up with Netflix afterwards 🙂

    Cut-out cookies are always a good idea.
  5. Brunch and a matinee. This is not only more cost-effective than dinner and a movie, it is also so much better (I’ll take pancakes over a salad any day). This is great if you want an early start to the day, as well. I would recommend Eli’s in Northeast Minneapolis because it is always really good food (the French Toast is amazing) and it doesn’t get too loud or packed. Afterward, hit up nearby St. Anthony Main for a matinee, and maybe even a walk by the Stone Arch Bridge.
Seriously, breakfast and brunch foods are the best! look at this spread!

Anyway hopefully this helps out with any Dater’s Block you may be experiencing!

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