In Bruges

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, mostly due to finals, followed by an immediate departure to Europe. It felt really nice to have a vacation and see so many beautiful sights! Perhaps the most picturesque was Bruges (or Brugge), which is situated in Northwestern Belgium, connected by canals to the North Sea.

Waffle and gelato truck in the morning, setting up for the day.
Bruges canals showcasing aged trees.

It is a walled medieval town, so the architecture is absolutely stunning and, combined with the canals, it looks mysterious and magical. We were staying in Brussels and decided to take a day-trip there, which was definitely a good idea! The local specialty is pommes frites that are twice-fried, making them super flavorful and crispy 🙂


Of course Brussels is really beautiful as well and, since we were there for Christmas, the entire Grand Place was lit up and synchronized to music. Perhaps a highlight was visiting the chocolate museum, which chronicles the history of chocolate. It includes a live chocolate demonstration and samples. It goes without saying that all of the chocolate was incredible, though my favorite Belgian chocolatier is definitely Neuhaus.

Chocolate museum in Brussels.

The city has a metro system which is easy to navigate, so that is a huge perk. Brussels is also home to a great natural sciences museum, which boasts over 20 complete Iguanadon skeletons! It is referred to as the Mona Lisa of fossils.

Pierre Marcolini chocolatier, with freshly made macarons on display.
Atomium sculpture, which houses a museum inside.

I think Brussels is often overlooked in favor of other European cities such as Paris or Amsterdam, but I actually think I enjoyed it more than Paris and would highly recommend a visit to anyone who has the opportunity. The food is wonderful, the sights are interesting, and it is really a beautiful place.


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