Celebrating Moms

This week has been the birthday of not only my mom, but also my mother-in-law! For some reason that seems so cool to me that I get to celebrate two great moms in one week (the one that raised me and the one that is a recent addition 🙂 ).

I didn’t get to see my mom on her birthday because she was visiting my brother in Omaha, but we chatted on the phone (which always has me howling with laughter). I did, however, get to celebrate with my mother-in-law. Her ideal birthday celebration? Pizza, wine, and cake. 🙂

puff pastry crust

I managed to find a super cute butterfly card from Papyrus (they always have the cutest cards) and made yet another puff pastry tart for the occasion. I actually made the same lemon-cream cheese tart, this time topping it with macerated strawberries instead of blueberries and blackberries. It smelled like strawberry lemonade in tart form and turned out beautifully.


The finished product boasts ample lemon curd among the strawberries to give it an intense kick of citrus. I would highly recommend making this tart, though it is definitely best consumed the day it is made.

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