So this week and weekend, I am dog-sitting for my dad while he is out of town. He is actually camping up in the boundary waters with my husband, Mike, and my older brother, Cody. So I get tons of snuggle and play time with Lucky! I already miss Mike so much, so it is nice to have a companion while he’s gone.

Since we can’t have a dog where we live, this helps to temporarily scratch my itch (my puppy fever is at an all-time high). Lucky is so sweet and he is a pure-bred golden retriever, adopted from the organization RAGOM (Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota). If you don’t know about RAGOM, they are a really great organization and do wonderful work.


Anyway, Lucky has been so sweet and, as you can see, he really loves his purple squeaky ball. He will literally just sit by it on the floor because he thinks it’s so great. Whenever I pick it up, it turns into a 15-minute fetch session lol. Hope everybody else has something nice planned this weekend! I know my time with this nugget is going to continue being relaxing and fun 🙂

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