Pro-Carb Diet

So, I know people love to talk about the evils of bread, starch, carbs, and gluten, but I’m here to defend bread. Not that over processed, preservative and sugar-filled crap from the grocery store, but real, whole grain, freshly made bread.

rosemary loaf, currant rye loaf, rustic white pan loaf, and whole-wheat loaf

While I do acknowledge the existence of food allergies, such as allergy to gluten, I can’t help but wonder if gut problems would be so prominent if people switched out the over-processed Sarah Lee loaves for bread from a local bakery instead (or homemade, if possible). The quality of ingredients is typically far superior, as is the taste and texture, providing more satisfaction and a healthier product.

whole-grain bread toasted with peanut butter

I am fortunate to live in a moderately-sized city where I have found a local bakery to suit my needs: fresh, well-made bread, using wholesome ingredients, such as organic wheat. I’ve become such a loyal customer that I am always greeted heartily and happily (either in English or in German), making it all the better an experience to stop by. In addition to their fantastic breads, they have the best pretzels I’ve ever tasted (except perhaps those at Hofbrauhaus in Munich).


While taking these photos, I was offered several loaves of day-old bread, free of charge. I think this perfectly represents how bringing back the local bakery can strengthen your neighborhood relations, improve your health, and provide a more satisfying product. I hear the talk about local produce, which is great, but local is well-suited for bread as well 🙂

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