Weeknight Chilling

So this isn’t a recipe and isn’t particularly interesting, but I really like when I get to have evenings to hang with Mike. Other people are nice! I just really cherish our time together because it is so nice and he really gets me. We get to be goofy, toss the football, make delicious food, and just hang out. Obviously now that Game of Thrones is back, we have Sunday evening plans for a while 😀

I kissed his forehead with glitter lip stuff on lol
I asked him for a smiling one. So cute!

He is often strumming the guitar, which I love listening to. He pays attention to my humming and always learns the songs that get stuck in my head (yeah, I know, it’s the sweetest). Anyway, these are some of the best times and I’m gonna get back to enjoying it and singing along lol. He is so darn cute and sweet!

Hopefully everyone else is having a good week! Mine has definitely gotten better and I am excited for this weekend 🙂


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