North Shore

Since it was a long weekend for the 4th of July, Mike and I went up to the north shore with some friends. I forgot how beautiful it is up there! It is so relaxing and scenic and there are so many great hiking trails 🙂

We even got to kayak in Lake Superior, which was so much fun! It happened to be my birthday weekend as well, so that made it feel a bit more special. It may surprise some people, but having a getaway on the North Shore is super romantic! All of our time together was spent eating delicious food in the cozy lodge, or outside on the beautiful trails by the lake. If you’ve never been before, it is a great place to spend a long weekend.


We spent an afternoon in Grand Marais and the fog rolled in, which made everything seem mysterious and ethereal! We kept calling these ships “ghost ships” because you could barely see them lol. Anyway, the rest of our time was regular outdoors and relaxing stuff, but I thought I would share some pictures!

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