Early Birthday with Mom

This week my mom came to visit and celebrate my birthday early since I’ll be gone this weekend. It was so much fun! Sometimes you just need that girl time and I am really lucky that I can get it with my mom. We had pedicures, hung out with her super cute French Bulldog, Vardon, and went to dinner with Mike at French Meadow.

I even braided her hair and it turned out so nicely! Plus, French Meadow has such good salads 🙂 Although I had a dessert there last night and it was not very good at all. In fact, none of ours were, so I think they are best sticking to salads, entrees, and cheese plates.

Anyway, I’m off to teach, then up to the North Shore for the weekend, but wanted to share what I’ve been up to this week! P.S. Isn’t Vardon just the cutest?! He is such a little cuddle monster!

3 thoughts on “Early Birthday with Mom

  1. Fun Blog Kayla! I just remembered to long for it and am so glad that I did. I will tag it and come back often for some of your fun recipes. Healthy and yummy. Hope all is well and as always – wishing you the best of everything. Connie


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