Roasted Corn and Bell Pepper Salad

Lately I have been obsessed with lime and cilantro! I swear, I put anything in a salad, throw on lime juice and cilantro, and call it good. Maybe it’s the warmer weather and not wanting to cook as much, or just being lazy with dinner lol.

Anyway, last night I threw this salad together and it ended up being so good! Super refreshing and way easy. Plus it goes really well with a little chicken or black beans to make a complete meal 🙂

roasted corn and bell peppers

I used one red and one yellow bell pepper, but you could use just one pepper if you want less salad and really any color works (though I’m partial to red). I actually just use frozen corn when I make this and you can get frozen roasted corn which is so much more flavorful! The frozen corn helps chill the salad up really quickly, which is also nice.

Corn and Bell Pepper Salad

1 1/2 cup frozen roasted corn

2 bell peppers (preferably different colors)

small bunch cilantro

1 lime

salt and pepper, to taste


Roughly dice bell peppers into 1/2 inch pieces. Add corn and mix.

Squeeze juice of the entire lime and add to the corn and peppers.

Chop cilantro roughly, then toss with corn and pepper mixture. Add desired salt and pepper.

This is super easy and tastes really fresh! I actually like to add a dash of pico de gallo seasoning from Penzey’s spices when I make it because my husband loves that seasoning. Either way, it’s really good and helps avoid too much cooking when it’s hot outside.

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