Saddle Shoes

This may seem random, but I recently found these saddle shoes at my dad’s house and had completely forgotten about them! I got them a few years ago at a thrift store for $3.99 and wore them all the time until I got my wingtips. Now that they have been re-discovered, they are quickly replacing my wingtips as my go-to lace up flats.


I guess I thought I’d share because they are so comfortable and I just love it when something in the back of my closet makes a re-appearance… it feels like when I first got them all over again!


Anyway, aside from wearing these saddle shoes all weekend, I also visited where my husband works and got to see his lab and where he does medical device experiments! I like knowing he gets to be somewhere nice while he is working. Plus, there are these cool dinosaurs and amazing art all around the buildings! The ping pong tables don’t hurt, either 😉

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