Weekend Hike

Went to have breakfast with my dad this morning and we decided to go for a hike at the state park nearby afterwards. It was so nice because we got an early start, before it got really hot. My dad let us borrow his dog, Lucky, for the day so we had a bit of a dog date!

Lucky is a beautiful purebred golden retriever, but he is also a rescue dog hailing from Turkey! He was rescued by the organization RAGOM, then found a home with my dad.

Mike and I have both been itching for a dog of our own so it is always the nicest treat when we get to play and take care of one for a while. I’m a weirdo, so I loved checking him for ticks afterwards and brushing him lol.

Later we went for some Thai food and watched the movie the Secret Life of Pets. Basically the perfect laid-back, yet fun Saturday. Mike was sweet and snapped a few photos of my outfit for dinner because he liked it so much (he said I looked like strawberry shortcake).

Anyway, hopefully everyone else is enjoying their weekends as well!

super wrinkly free people dress

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