Friday Heat

So today was the first really hot day of the summer. While I don’t particularly enjoy the heat all that much, I actually found it was fun today to pretend I lived somewhere tropical! Since I don’t teach on Fridays and haven’t had a Friday class in over 6 months, I tend to use it as a day to catch up around the house. I was so motivated, I even made it to the gym after I finished cleaning!

Because it was so hot, my mind drifted to tropical fruit and spicy chicken for dinner, which is exactly what I did! I love pineapple and cilantro, a combination I learned from my mom. Adding lime juice and zest, along with jicama, made it a well-rounded side to some honey-sriracha chicken! Since the lime and jicama are cooling, it definitely helped mellow out the super spicy chicken 🙂

I would definitely recommend making this because it is easy, delicious and only requires pineapple, lime, jicama, and cilantro. Jicama has so much good fiber and the vitamin c from the pineapple makes it super beneficial as well. Bonus, it keeps easily in a glass leftover container in the fridge for days!

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